Love to cook? Share your passion

Cookisto is an online community where you can find homemade food near you or share your own dishes with hungry locals.

How it works

Tell our users, the Cookistas, what's cooking
You should include when your meal will be ready, number of portions and price. You can also add the recipe or any other interesting tidbits for the meal.
Communicate with Cookistas through our safe messaging system. Once you receive an order, just accept or decline the request.
Share your meal
Arrange delivery or pick-up, whatever's convenient for you. Your payment will be processed online using Cookisto credits.

3 good reasons to get cooking

1) Show off your cooking skills
Share your meals with locals who don’t have the time or energy to cook for themselves.
2) Share your passion with other Cookistas
The most pleasant thing for you (cooking) can be the biggest pain for other people that crave these delicious homecooked meals.
3) Meet new people in your area
Cookisto is above all a community of people that get connected through the art of cooking.

Next steps

1) Finish your application
Create your Cook's profile and add your first irresistible sample dish.
2) Wait for our official launch in London
We'll review your application and notify you when we are ready in few weeks.
3) Get cooking
Start sharing your delicious dishes and making new fans and friends.

Become a Cookista